Espresso Machine Servicing

Our team of experienced coffee engineers have been fixing espresso machines in London for over 10 years. We’re proud to be trusted by the UK’s best coffee roasters to look after their customers machines as well as dealing directly with cafes & restaurants. 

Coffee Machine Servicing & Repairs

When your coffee machine stops working it costs you money. So it’s important that you have coffee engineers that you can rely on and that understand your business. 

Our customer service team can help get emergency call outs booked in as well as creating tailored preventative service plans to keep your machine’s downtime to a minimum. 


We carry out coffee equipment installations regularly. Our engineers are trained and qualified to install commercial espresso machines, batch brewers, coffee grinders, hot water boilers and more.

If required we can organise installations with the site directly and can provide RAMS for every job we do.

Preventative Maintenance & Service Plans

Regular servicing is key to making sure your coffee equipment works consistently and will help you minimise the risk of breakdowns and your machine being out of action.

An out of action machine will affect your business and service! Talk to us today about a Preventative Maintenance plan. We can carry out regular, planned servicing that will help keep your machine in good working order and avoid preventable downtime.

Boiler Inspections

Getting your coffee machine boiler inspected involves an examination by a competent person to check that the boiler in your coffee machine meets the Pressure Systems Regulations 2000 (PSSR 2000) legislation. Find out about our boiler inspections.

Are you looking for coffee machine engineers in London?

Our experienced engineers are ready to help you if your machine is broken or if you're looking for a service.